All Natural Speed

Gelstat All Natural Speed

With the enormity of the quick fix energy market, a real opportunity exists to identify and capture a significant portion of specific quick fix energy user groups by using a highly specialized, irreverent advertising campaign.   And now that 5-Hour Energy (over $1 billion in retail sales 2012) is downplaying their caffeine “impact” with how safe and healthy it is,  a very large demographic of early adopters  has been identified.

The edgy product name, All Natural Speed, was developed to appeal exclusively toward twenty-somethings with two core user groups, college students and “gamers” initially targeted.  The marketing campaign will be based on the “forbidden fruit” principal with a hint of danger enough to be perceived as cool and hip.   The general marketing theme will be, “this is NOT the Soccer Moms energy shot”.

The custom formulation is completely safe approved by the regulatory department of GMP certified manufacturer, however all the other aspects from the red & black capsule to the frantic logo (still in development) have been designed to make it seem anything but.

  • All Natural Energy Product in Capsule Form
  • Enormous Market Size - 5-Hour Energy alone reported over $1 billion in retail sales 2012
  • Enormity of category opens opportunity to address specific quick fix energy user groups
  • Edgy Product Targeting College Students and Gamers
  • Highly Specialized Irreverent Advertising Campaign
  • Available OTC without a Prescription
  • Custom formulation buying direct from manufacturer delivers significant margins
  • Expected to be Available in the 3rd Quarter of 2014