Board of Directors

Javier Acosta has extensive experience in operational and planning leadership roles, having worked with a large Fortune 20 company, as well as with much smaller companies. His leadership, vision, and team building efforts have produced process improvements while fostering strong ties with consumers, distribution channel partners, and organizations world-wide.

While at Duos Technologies Inc. Mr. Acosta as Vice President of Operations and later as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he led a team of multi-disciplined professionals in the implementation, delivery, testing, installation, and maintenance of our turnkey intelligent technology systems and solutions throughout North America.

While at Organizacion Interamericana de Asesoria y Comercio (OIAC), as the Operations Director, he oversaw the installation of turnkey security systems in the banking and energy industries. He was also largely responsible for improving their capacity footprint and increasing operational efficiencies, while successfully integrating professional and operational resources.

While at Ford Motor Company, he served across various roles and international assignments providing global contributions to Ford’s industry leading multinational process improvement initiatives. As Production and Sales Planning and Distribution Manager he led the Production Program for a Region, the company's main governance process, driving budget, marketing and sales, material procurement and manufacturing planning activities.

Mr. Goldfarb has over 30 years corporate experience, including more than 20 years in information technology. He began his career with IBM as a financial specialist in an enterprise systems group focused on the IT solutions in the oil industry.  Over a more than 33-year career span he has worked in marketing, operations and finance with both large and small organizations including 10 years with a subsidiary of Fujitsu both at headquarters and European operations.  For most of the past 20 years he has specialized in new venture and early stage organizations.  From 1998 until 2002 Mr. Goldfarb was Managing Director of WSI Europe, a division of the Weather Channel turning long time loss making divisions to profitability.  From June 2002 to December 2007, Mr. Goldfarb served on the Board of Directors of MOWIS GmbH, an Austrian-based Weather Technology Media company. He also served as their interim Chief Financial Officer and led the management team in securing seed capital to fund growth. MOWIS was acquired as a strategic new media portal in 2007 by one of Europe’s largest media groups. From February 2008 through October 2012 Mr. Goldfarb served as Chief Financial Officer of Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. where he was instrumental in guiding the Company through its growth from $0.3 million in annual revenues in 2008 to more than $21 million in annual revenues in 2011. Currently, Mr. Goldfarb serves as President and Chief Financial Officer of ISA.  Mr. Goldfarb became a director of ISA in April 2010 and in 2012 was appointed as an executive officer charged with rebuilding the company. Mr. Goldfarb also currently serves as a director of Gelstat Corporation, a small public company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of homeopathic and natural supplements. Mr. Goldfarb has a degree in Finance from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.

Paul Bucha has served as a director since 2011.  Mr. Bucha, has been the CEO of Terra Mark II, LLC since December 2005. Under his leadership, it was established to continue work on real estate projects in Bermuda and other environmentally sensitive locations after buy out of majority owners of Terra Mark, LLC. joint venture with Greenfield Partners of Norwalk, Connecticut.

In addition, Mr. Bucha has been a director of M Group, USA since 1994.  M Group, USA is a family owned real estate and investment company with projects in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Caribbean basin and USA.  He has oversight of all aspects of company activities.   Mr. Bucha was appointed director because of his business experience.